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The Senix “Teach” feature allows you to configure an ultrasonic sensor, in situ, using a push button and the Target Status Indicator LED located on the back of the sensor. All ultrasonic sensor configurations are stored in non-volatile memory and retained when powered off. The Teach feature is available all standard ToughSonic 3, ToughSonic 12, ToughSonic 14 and ToughSonic 30 models but is not included on serial data only models.

  • Set analog output endpoint distances for low and high values using actual targets
    (Teach-adjustable low and high values are 0 and 5 VDC, 0 and 10 VDC or 4 and 20 mA current loop)
  • Establish switch on and off distances and set switch polarity
  • Set ultrasonic sensor measurement rates
  • Synchronize multiple sensors in SYNC mode by selecting master and slave sensors and phases
  • Activate or deactivate temperature compensation
  • Restore sensor to factory defaults with a single command

The Teach feature provides a simple way to adjust many sensor functions in situ and without a computer. To get the most out of ToughSonic sensors we also include SenixVIEW software, included in our setup kits or available at no charge by download.

SenixVIEW can be used to disable the Teach functions when pushbutton adjustment is not desired.

Sensor Indicators and Teach ButtonThe Teach feature utilizes the simple pushbutton on the rear of the ToughSonic 3, 12, 14 (shown) and 30 models. The round green LED Target Status Indicator provides Teach feedback.