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Senix® ultrasonic sensors measure the distance or presence of target objects by sending a pulsed ultrasound wave at the object and then measuring the time for the sound echo to return. Knowing the speed of sound, the sensor can determine the distance of the object.

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bulletNon-Contact: Nothing touches the target object
bulletMeasures Distance: The distance to the target is measured, not just its presence
bulletLong and Short Range: Objects can be sensed from 1.7 inches to 50 feet (varies with model)
bulletHigh Resolution: Precise discrimination of target position changes
bulletProportional Outputs: All analog, switch and data outputs are range dependent
bulletAmbient Light Levels: Unaffected by ambient light levels
bulletOptical Characteristics of Target: Unaffected by the transparency, reflectivity, opacity or color of the target object
bulletSurface Characteristics: Target surface texture is generally not a problem

Special Features of Senix® Technology

bulletDetects Weak Targets: Senix® ultrasonic sensors utilize a highly sensitive transducer capable of detecting small or weak targets such as cloth, non-woven materials and wires.
bulletPC and Pushbutton Configurable: All short range models (under 14 feet) are push-button configured. All models are also configurable using SenixVIEW software, which allows advanced operating parameter adjustment, graphical display, strip chart display, statistics, data logging, sensor cloning without recalibration, and more. The software connects to the sensor via a PC COM port or USB port, and models are available for either an RS-232 or RS-485 interface.
bulletMultiple I/O: The TSPC-30S* models have a serial data interface plus two analog/switch output wires whose functions selected using SenixVIEW software. All other models have 5 simultaneous outputs plus serial data communications. Serial data can be either RS-232 or RS-485 depending on the model selected.
bulletOne Model for Many Uses: Our sensor models have many features and interfaces, allowing you to select one model that meets many needs and tailor it to many different applications: (1) use it at long or short range, (2) connect any of several available interfaces and (3) adjust available sensor parameters to optimize each particular application.
bulletApplications are Quickly and Easily Duplicated: Using our SenisVIEW configuration software you can set the sensor up the way you want, get visible feedback during the installation process, then save the setup on disk for later reference or sensor cloning without requiring recalibration. Clone an application in 30 seconds!
bulletBuilt-in Sophistication: With SoftSpan you simply "turn on" built-in features such as temperature compensation, data processing filters, response time filters, measurement rate, interface selections & modes, response to target loss and much more.
bulletPackage and interconnect options: All electronics are self-contained in a single package. Termination options are available to simplify wiring and connections.
bulletCustom and OEM: We can customize sensors or ship specific setups that meet your exact needs and reduce installation cost. Volume product designs are also available.

General Specifications

General Specifications apply to all Senix® products. Refer to specific models for detailed specifications.

bulletPower Input: DC all models, AC input options available for Modular sensors
bulletBeam Angle: Conical shape, 12-15 degrees total angle unless otherwise noted
bulletAdjustment: All ToughSonic(R) models are adjustable using SenixVIEW software; TSPC-30S* models are also push-button adjustable for basic setup.
bulletUpdate Rate: 20 Hz nominal, adjustable from 2 to 120 Hz on PC-configurable models
bulletUltrasonic Frequency: 50 kHz, 75 kHz, 125 kHz, 225 kHz (depends on model)

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