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ULTRA-S Family
Modular Ultrasonic Sensors

Push-button or PC Setup
These models offer the greatest flexibility and functionality in our product line. Housed in a factory grade PVC enclosure, choose from a variety of add-ons including internal interface modules, power input, environmental options and more to get exactly the sensor you want. Use the internal push-button for setup, or get added control with our optional SoftSpan software for the ultimate application flexibility and visibility. Best for factory applications and machinery upgrades, also see our Dry Environment and ToughSonic sensor lines.

Typical Applications

Motion Control

Roll Diameter

Tension Control

Position Feedback

Liquid Level

Need more info?

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ULTRA-S Data Sheet

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ULTRA-SP Data Sheet

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ULTRA-SPA Data Sheet

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Dimensions (PDF)

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Key Benefits & Features
Easy to Install and Use in Factory Environments
Surface or Flange Mount
PVC Housing & Conduit Entry
Terminal Block Wiring
Calibration Lock (elective)
Wet Environment Options
Wide Selection of I/O Modules
AC or DC Powered Input
Easy Pushbutton or PC Setup
Calibrate with or without actual target materials
Reliable Performance
Measures Short or Long Range
Good Weak Target Sensitivity
User-selected filters
High Resolution Output
Measurement Averaging
User-Defined Output Responses
Superior Application Flexibility & Visibility
Wide Selection of I/O Modules
Integral or Remote Transducers
Many Accessories & Options
Enhanced visibility and setup with SoftSpan PC Software option
Quickly Duplicate a Setup 
Summary Specifications

Range 5 -1128 cm (2 in. - 37 feet)
Outputs Select from wide variety of internal analog, switch and power input option modules.  RS-232 & RS-485 serial data communications are built-in. All outputs are affected by measured distance.
Beam Width Conical shape, 15 degrees total angle @ 3db down
Input Power 10-30 VDC @ 40 mA max. + option modules
Min. 15 VDC when using any 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA sourcing output
Connection Terminal blocks, conduit wire entry
Housing PVC Electronic Housing, options vary
Environmental Temp. -30to70C, humidity 5-95% non-condensing
CE Compliant No (See Dry Environment sensors)

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